• Colourless

    Solution is colourless and odourless

  • Eco-Friendly

    Non-toxic and chemically inert so it is friendly to the environment

  • Non-Corosive

    Will not affect vehicles that regularly travel the treated roads

What is CleanTRACK?

CleanTRACK™ is a longterm road dust suppression technology that will control dust and promote water drainage. In testing, 100% of CleanTRACK™ chemical remained after 1000 fresh water flushes.

CleanTRACK is a long-term road dust suppression technology.

CleanTRACK uses a proprietary, non-toxic chemical formulation that, when applied to gravel or soil surfaces, leaves a thin film on the minerals. This mineral coating creates an intergranular attraction between fines, which not only prevents them from becoming airborne, but will also compact the road to create a more durable and stable surface. The water repellent nature of this coating will control dust and promote water drainage, which will minimize water-related damage such as seasonal frost heaving, road depression and ruts.
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The CleanTRACK Advantage

Chemically inert, non-toxic, odourless and colourless, making it a functionally desirable option for use on any road or site application.

  • Easy Application

    Easy-to-apply, cost-effective, long-term coating

  • Moisture-repelling

    Coating will last through wet or wintery conditions; does not wash away

  • Any Road

    Can be applied to the surface of any road or area, as well as integrated into the soil and gravel

  • Reduction in dust

    Reduces the amount of airborne fines to which the surrounding environment is exposed

  • Increased Visibility

    Improve visibility for heavier traffic on non-paved areas

  • Reduces Maintenance

    Can increase the life of filters, sensitive electronics and equipment; reduces the frequency and cost of maintenance procedures

CleanTRACK Demonstration

Come see CleanTRACK’s long lasting dust suppression in action!

Case Studies

Long-term dust suppression technology that is easy to apply and cost-effective.


Lab Testing

Lab Testing

Samples were obtained from the road at each stage of the testing process: untreated,…

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Five Month – Winter/Spring Update

Five Month – Winter/Spring Update

Five months post application, the CleanTRACK™ trial road has seen positive results coming into…

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Application on private test road

Application on private test road

Application The CleanTRACK team had the opportunity to apply this product on a private road…

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Can be applied to any surface to act as a dust control measure. It can be applied topically using a nozzle or spray bar, or integrated into the road using a motor grader. Typical application loadings vary from 0.3 L/m²- 1.5L/m². CleanTRACK will significantly reduce airborne particulate in any application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some commonly asked questions and answers pertaining to the product.

How is CleanTRACK different from other dust suppression products on the market?

CleanTRACK is not a calcium or salt based product. Products such as calcium chloride attract moisture from the air, keeping the road damp under hot and dry conditions.

How does it work?

CleanTRACK is a new technology that coats the road particles with a thin film that creates an intergranular attraction between fines which prevents them from becoming airborne. The CleanTRACK coating is water resistant which will guide water away from the road.

What makes CleanTRACK better than other dust suppression products?

CleanTRACK controls dust better than calcium,

  • The CleanTRACK coating is water resistant which will direct water away from the road, mimimizing damage such as frost heaving, road depressions and ruts.
  • CleanTRACK™ when applied will permanently bond to sand/gravel ensuring a long-lasting treatment, reducing the need for retreatments and eliminating any wear or damage to tires and vehicles. This long lasting bonding also ensures that no product will run off the roads into surrounding green areas .
  • Lab testing using CleanTRACK™ chemistry has shown that in a column containing treated road material, after 1000 fresh water flushes, still contained 100% of the CleanTRACK™ coating.
    (See our case study)
  • CleanTRACK passes the Microtox test and is safe to use in environmentally sensitive areas.

What are some examples of CleanTRACK uses?

  • Farm Roads
  • Lease Roads
  • Plants and facility areas
  • Shop Yards
  • Construction Sites
  • County Roads
  • Unpaved Driveways
  • Horse Arenas

Is CleanTRACK available to the general public?

it is available for sale to the general public. This product applies to quite a broad market and we are pleased to be able to offer a calcium alternative.

Does it need to be diluted with water?

Upon CleanTRACK application no mixing, compacting or tamping is required, the product comes fully blended and prepared and soaks into the road immediately.

How is it applied?

It can be topically applied to any surface using a nozzle or spray bar. It can also be integrated into the top few inches of road using road grading equipment. It should be noted that roads will appear wet allowing operators to know where treatments have been applied.

What should I do to prep my road surface?

CleanTRACK requires little to no preparation, it should be applied to a dry surface. It is not necessary, but we would suggest grading the area prior to applying to provide an even surface as well as maximize the exposed road material.

How quickly can I use my road post application?

CleanTRACK soaks into the road within minutes, allowing them to be used immediately after application

How much do I need?

CleanTRACK loadings vary dependent on application type, uses and traffic levels. On average we recommend a loading of 1.0L/m² for adequate coverage, but each request can be unique, feel free to contact us to discuss our recommendation based on your project type.

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